The cost of marketing continues to rise, and we will continually need to discover new methods of maximizing results without blowing through all the marketing funds.

Postcards make a cost-effective way to:

  • Keep connected to long-term leads
  • Cross, up or re-sell to those in the existing customer base
  • Bring back inactive clients
  • Distribute your new email, post and web addresses and phone, cell, and fax numbers

In order to tidy up your address list, send postcards by First Class and include the 'Address Service Requested' endorsement, printed below the return address on the address side.

You can opt for the best b2b postcard marketing via

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See for more details. This way you'll receive the new address and the cards are forwarded on if the address changes.

Think in campaign terms rather than just an individual mailing. By creating a list of the top features of the product or service, and printing a series of ten postcards which each feature a particular benefit is the way to go. Using relationship-marketing to maintain contact with prospects allows you to convert on sales which others leave half-finished on the table.

This type of marketing focuses on the development of long-term relationships between you and your customer rather than just a single purchase. Relationship-marketing requires an understanding of the need of the customer throughout the transaction cycle.

If your finely-crafted communications are created to provide information to your prospects throughout the process, the term relationship-marketing will be more than just jargon and really show big on the bottom line.