If you are planning a vacation in Italy, you would be very excited about the prospect of your trip. Italy has a large number of places to visit and things to enjoy, so you will be spoiled for choice when making your plans.

Below is the introduction of the highlights of a holiday in Italy, so pay attention and plan your trip with this in mind. You can get to know more about best small tours of Italy via an online search. 

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Best Places Visit

Assisi is a beautiful destination located in Umbria, the region near Tuscany. The birthplace of Saint Francis, the patron saint of the country, this city is a peaceful place of pilgrimage for many people. Here you can visit museums, churches, ruins and the basilica where the famous shrine saved.

Florence is famous in many museums, but the Galleria dell'Accademia is one of the best. Boasting superb statue of David, the museum is a treasure trove of beautiful art and sculptures arranged in twenty-four different rooms.

Rome is famous for many reasons, but the Coliseum is one of the highlights. This magnificent building was originally known as the Flavian Amphitheater and the largest public entertainment arena in ancient times. From comedy for gladiatorial contests and public killings for animal fights, the arena is used for all sorts of events.

Lakes of northern Italy are nothing short of amazing and Lake Como is one of the most beautiful of them all.